Team News: Starting as we mean to go on! 

So after the Christmas break, Vizion Wealth have got off to a busy start to the New Year!

After attending various seminars and lectures on the hot topic – DB transfers – we have introduced a new cash flow planning system that we will be using going forward – CashCalc. Our paraplanner, Mel, has been working hard to get to grips with its technicalities and complexities, and together we can see the valued benefit it will add to cash flow planning for our clients.

Our office manager, Corinne, is celebrating her birthday today! That means there has been lots of cakes & pastries in the office this week, which is always good for morale wouldn’t you say? But maybe not so good for the waist. Our gift to Corinne was a Spa Day break, which is well and truly deserved seeing as she is always whipping us into shape!

Jon our Investment Manager and Paraplanner has been busy with his studies. After receiving his results from his AF4 – Investment Planning (pass of course) his next mission is to tackle the advanced pensions exam, AF8. But don’t worry, it’s not all study… his Pool League with the lads has been keeping him busy. He wanted to me to mention they are third in the league (he’s obviously proud of this) and they are striving for a promotion to 2ndin the near future.

James, one of our Advisers here is extremely busy with the end of the tax year looming. He’s still had a chance to be treated to a 10-course taster menu at a fancy restaurant in London with his girlfriend (lucky guy!) but I’m afraid it’s back to work and study for James this weekend.

Our boss Andrew has had a blast with his mates in Austria this month! There were quite a few stories (missing planes / ski slope injuries / lost passports etc.) but nothing a few beers couldn’t sort out. Alas, he made it back in one piece… not sure about the rest of them though.

Reminiscing on our Christmas party in December, Faith beat the office record on the latest time getting home – 7:00am! She is now the official party animal and puts all of the younger ones to shame.

That’s all from me this month. Hope you’ve all had a lovely January, and keep safe in the frosty conditions!

Best wishes, Jess

Who are Vizion Wealth?

Our approach to financial planning is simple, our clients are our number one priority and we ensure all our advice, strategies and services are tailored to the specific individual to best meet their longer term financial goals and aspirations. We understand that everyone is unique. We understand that wealth means different things to different people and each client will require a different strategy to build wealth, use and enjoy it during their lifetimes and to protect it for family and loved ones in the future.

All of us at Vizion Wealth are committed to our client’s financial success and would like to have an opportunity to review your individual wealth goals. To find out more, get in touch with us – we very much look forward to hearing from you.



Posted by Jon Hill

Jon is the Investment Manager at Vizion Wealth as well as being Andrew's direct support. With over 6 years of investment management experience, Jon provides market overview and investment insight to the Vizion Wealth advisers. Jon is a qualified Investment Manager, as well as being a Diploma qualified financial planner having previously worked in a financial advisory support role.

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