Team News: Autumn is here!

Autumn is upon us! The best time of year is when those autumnal colours start appearing, you start ramping up the heating (the biggest source of arguments in my household) and enjoying pumpkin spice lattes.

As you may already know, Andrew has been away in Japan for the Rugby World Cup! Himself and the others are all safe after witnessing the mammoth typhoon and also a small earthquake in Yokohama last week. It may have rained like it was the apocalypse, but they still had an amazing time watching the rugby – Andrew’s favourite match being England vs. Argentina. The atmosphere was lively with the energy and singing from the Argentinians, and the English white knights in the realm even made it to the Daily Mail (pictured below) – life goals, smashed it!

After a cancelled match and a cancelled flight, they managed to get home safe and sound. We were happy to have Andrew back in the office, but not so sure about the Japanese sweets he bought for us. We had many names for the strange-tasting, unfamiliar edibles (gangrene, mould, flubber etc.) but we’ll stick to Matcha Chocolate because that sounds a lot nicer.

James had his 27th birthday on Tuesday – Happy birthday James! He enjoyed his evening by going out to eat at an Asian-Western fusion style restaurant with Georgie, and got sticky fingers eating chicken wings at Thunderbird Fried Chicken in Brixton Village with the lads at the weekend – if you can handle the heat, the habanero wings are the best in town. The perks of living in London!

Jon has come to the end of a cricket season, and his team did very well throughout! Unfortunately, they lost their last match on Monday, but overall it has been a good team effort.

I was lucky enough to pass my R01 Regulations & Ethics exam at the end of September, and am very happy to see the back of it! Onto the next one, J10 Discretionary Investment Management in December.

Our lovely Corinne is enjoying a dreamy break in Turkey with her sisters. She’s loving her all-inclusive stay at a luxury resort with a private beach, and just yesterday she had the pleasure of receiving a traditional Turkish massage – an interesting experience! We all know relaxing holidays are made by those daytime holiday naps, on the sun lounger, with the warmth of the sun on your face. It’s safe to say we are all very jealous!

Mel is off to Devon with her family next week (fingers crossed for the weather!) and then enjoying a few nights in the beautiful Maldives with her husband, Karl. Pictures to look forward to next month! I’m also having a reunion with some university friends next week – we are going to watch Newcastle United Vs. West Ham at the London Stadium. Definitely not my first choice of activity but I’m afraid I was outvoted. Brilliant.

I hope you all have a spooky Halloween, a happy Diwali and a cracking bonfire night!

Love Jess

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